Bringing education to the world through mobile applications since 2018!

Our mission is to make the language learning process accessible to everyone.

Our mobile products enable you to learn foreign languages easily and naturally, playfully and without straining, without strict teachers and a lot of homework, anywhere, anytime.

Our users learn English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Turkish. All products are localized in over 53 languages.

More than 5 million users are learning foreign languages with us!

Educational apps are available in two markets Google Play and App Store

We have a lot to be proud of!

We are more than just mobile learning applications, but also a fantastic team of talented people who love their work. We strongly believe that only happy people can create high-quality and useful applications, and our company does everything possible for each employee to reveal their talent, feel confident, and comfortable. We believe that it is important to be heard and directly influence product development.

Together we design and implement mobile apps that improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

In each employee we value their individuality, independent opinion, the ability to take responsibility for solving issues and problems. Everyone has their own area of responsibility and their “quality seal”. Uncompromising quality, cooperation, fresh ideas, friendly atmosphere of the company – all these things influence our products and their creation.

Our work for us is more than a business – we have a mission we believe in