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English Words A1-C1 | 2Shine

Learn English faster!

Expand your vocabulary with the best word trainer app for all English levels.
Our new vocabulary builder app is suitable for self-study or as an additional way to learn English words.

We have all the levels:
Beginner (A0),
Elementary (A1),
Pre-Intermediate (A2),
Intermediate (B1),
Upper-Intermediate (B2),
Advanced (C1-C2 vocabulary).

You are going to love 2Shine – a brand new tutorial app, which is perfect for each of six CEFR levels – you will find the most necessary vocabulary for each level here!
It’s time to speed up your learning!

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For beginners

We have 9 word learning apps for beginners. You can learn English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic.

Beginner level.

1400 essential words for everyday situations.

This level is ideal if you are just starting out with English.

The most necessary words for communication, elementary questions on personal topics, maintaining a conversation about yourself, your family, your life and hobbies, your work